Current Employment

September 2012 – Present:

Research Scientist and Laboratory Manager, NERC Isotope Geoscience Laboratory.


Manage the NIGL/BGS ICP-MS laboratory, including lab and instrument maintenance, and monitoring the quality of data output.

Maintain and manage the LA-SC-ICP-MS instrumentation, train and supervise visitors and staff in its use, and aid with data interpretation.

Develop scientific projects that utilise NIGL’s facilities.


June 2010-August 2012:

Research Scientist, NERC Isotope Geoscience Laboratory.


Deputise for the Facility Manager in the ICP-MS facility, including lab and instrument maintenance, and monitoring the quality of data output.

Maintain and manage the LA-SC-ICP-MS instrumentation and its host lab, train and supervise visitors and staff in its use, and aid with data interpretation

Develop and innovate the analytical methods and scientific applications used within the ICP-MS facility. 



October 2006 – May 2010: Ph.D – ‘Mesoproterozoic crustal evolution of southwest Norway’ (NERC funded). Supervised by Dr. Mike Norry and Prof. Randall Parrish. Department of Geology, University of Leicester.

October 2002 – June 2006 – M.Geol (Geology), University of Leicester. (1st class honours; highest mark in year group). Masters research project: ‘Structural and geomorphological expression of active tectonics in the Gobi Altai, Mongolia using Analysis of SRTM topographic data’(awarded 85%; highest mark in year group). 


Analytical Experience


Isotope analyses using LA-SC-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS, with both solution and laser ablation introduction.

Maintenance and trouble-shooting of laser ablation and ICP-MS instruments.

Heavy mineral separation, and preparation of mineral grains for U-Pb analyses.


Ion microprobe for oxygen isotope analyses.

SEM for BSE and CL imaging, and EDS semi-quantitative analyses.

Electron microprobe for major and trace element analyses.

Preparation of whole-rock samples for XRF analyses.



co-PI on ICDP Project 'Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides - COSC-2'.

co-PI on ICDP Project 'Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides - COSC'.

Coupling in-situ oxygen isotopes with U-Pb and hafnium to unravel the Proterozoic crustal evolution of the Baltic Shield.’ £12,500 NERC IMF 354/1008. (Named Researcher; Principal Investigator: Prof. Randall Parrish).

Development of improved LA-ICP-MC-MS dating techniques and application to the Mesoproterozoic crustal evolution of southwest Norway.’ £45,000 NIGFSC IP/994/1107. (Named Researcher; Principal Investigator: Prof. Randall Parrish).


International Presentations (lead author)

April 2021, EGU, online only: ‘Progress and pitfalls in dating deformation with carbonate geochronology’.

March 2021, MSG Research in Progress, online only: ‘UHT metamorphism in space and time’.

January 2020, TSG, Hull 'Dating faults, fractures and fluids with calcite U-Pb geochronology (1): Strategies, progress and pitfalls'.

August 2019, Goldschmidt, Barcelona (Invited Keytnote) 'U-Pb Beyond Zircon; A Thousand Degrees of Freedom'.

October 2018, IAGR, Xi'an (Invited Keynote) 'Progress in dating crustal deformation and fluid-flow using U-Pb carbonate geochronology'.

October 2018, GSF annual convention, Beijing (Invited Keynote) 'Crustal growth defined by zircon - more questions than answers?'.

April 2018, EGU, Vienna: 'How to date faults, fractures and fluid-flow with U-Pb calcite geochronology'. 

October 2017, GSF annual convention, Beijing (Invited Keynote) 'Capturing continental emergence and crustal tectonics in the Coorg Block, Southern India.' 

August 2017, Goldschmidt, Paris: 'Dating faults with calcite U-Pb petrochronology' 

November 2016, IAGR, Trivandrum: (Invited Keynote) '200 Myr history of crustal melting in Gongga Shan; constraints on the tectonics of eastern Tibet from the Triassic to present-day.' 

October 2016, GSF annual convention, Beijing: (Invited) 'A simplistic view of granite composition and geodynamics' 

September 2016, GSA, Denver:'Using U-Pb geochronology of calcite to constrain the timing of fault evolution' and 'Fluid-flow and fracture-zone evolution through combined geochronology, isotopic and elemental composition of calcite' 

April 2015, EGU, Vienna: 'Revisiting models of crustal growth; the role of preservation and destruction' 

March 2015, MSG research in progress, Leeds: ‘Unravelling the complex metamorphic history of SW Norway’.

September 2014, IAGR, Beijing: (Invited Keynote) 'Evolution of the continental crust; insights from the zircon record’.

January 2014, Nordic Winter Meeting, Lund:

  ‘Zircon messenger; cryptic tales from arc magmas’.

  ‘Laser ablation U-(Th)-Pb geochronology; pitfalls and progress’.

  ‘Preservation bias in the geological record; a Fennoscandian case study’.

  ‘Evolution of the Hardangervidda Ryfylke Nappe Complex, SW Norwegian Caledonides’.

  ‘The pre-to early-Sveconorwegian history of southwest Norway’.

September 2013, Building Strong Continents, London: ‘Rates and processes of continent formation, destruction and preservation; lessons from Fennoscandia’.

June 2013, William Smith Meeting, London: ‘From zircons to supercontinents; evolution of the continental crust’, and ‘Applications of U-Pb fracture fill carbonate geochronology’.

April 2013, EGU, Vienna: ‘Petrogenesis of Sveconorwegian magmatism in southwest Norway; constraints from zircon U-Pb-Hf-O and whole-rock geochemistry’.

September 2012, EMC, Frankfurt: ‘Crustal growth through accretionary orogenesis; examples from Proterozoic SW Fennoscandia’.

March 2012, MSG research in progress, Cambridge: ‘Ancient allanite; time-teller or time-wasted?’.

January 2012, VMSG, Durham: ‘Sedimentary recycling in arc magmas; the Mesoproterozoic Suldal arc, SW Norway’.

November 2011, (Invited) Indian Society of Mass Spectrometry Annual Symposium cum Workshop, Munnar: ‘Technical aspects and geochronological applications of the Nu Attom ICP-MS’.

August 2011, Goldschmidt, Prague: ‘Continental growth spurts during supercontinent break-up’.

March 2011, (Invited) Goldschmidt lecture series at Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim: ‘Crustal forensics in the Proterozoic ‘ring of fire’’.

March 2011, Sveconorwegian symposium at Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim: ‘New insights into the Telemarkia Block’.

September 2009, Fermor Meeting, Edinburgh: 

  ‘SW Fennoscandia in the formation and break-up of Rodinia (1): 1.8-1.0 Ga crustal growth and Sveconorwegian reworking’

  ‘SW Fennoscandia in the formation and break-up of Rodinia (2): insights from the Hardangervidda-Ryfylke Nappe System’.

July 2009, Goldschmidt, Davos: ‘Proterozoic crustal growth in SW Fennoscandia’.

May 2009, Janet Watson Meeting, London: ‘Proterozoic crustal growth in Fennoscandia’.

August 2008, 33rd IGC, Oslo: ‘Mesoproterozoic crustal evolution of southwest Norway: 1.5 Ga arc magmatism in Telemarkia’.

March 2008, Geochemistry Group, London: ‘Mesoproterozoic crustal evolution of southwest Norway’.


Teaching/Training Experience

Presenter at Isotope Geochemistry Summer School on Carbonate U-Pb Geochronology, September 2021.

Organiser and presenter at Goldschmidt workshop on Carbonate U-Pb Geochronology, August 2019.

Lecturing at NIGL-led Geochronology short courses, Jan 2015 and March 2016.

Presentation on LA-ICP-MS at ‘Micro-analytical techniques in Earth Science’ shortcourse, University of Portsmouth, Sep 2013.

Co-leader on 1st year Arran field course, and 4th year Swiss Alps field course (U. of Leicester).

Demonstrator for undergraduate modules in Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes, and on field courses in Spain, Anglesey and Arran (U. of Leicester).

Training and supervision of staff, post-docs and PhD students in LA-ICP-MS data acquisition and interpretation (NIGL).


Prizes, Achievements and Positions Held

Associate Editor for Geoscience Frontiers (2013 to present), Minerals (2020 to present) and Geology (2017-2019).

Reviewer for NWO, NSF, GSO, and NERC Peer Review Panels

Reviewer for journals: Science Advances, Geophysical Research Letters, Geology, GGR, G-Cubed, EPSL, Tectonics, Scientific Reports, GSA Bulletin, Tectonophysics, Solid Earth, Geochronology, Economic Geology, Terra Nova, Journal of Petrology, Journal of Geophysical Research, International Geology Review, Journal of Asian Earth Science, Geoscience Frontiers, Geochemical Journal, Geological Journal, Geological Magazine, Quaternary Geochronology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Gondwana Research, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Precambrian Research, Geosciences, Minerals, and Journal of the Geological Society, London.

Guest editor of Geochronology for special issue on 'In situ U-Pb Carbonate Geochronology'.

Guest editor of Solid Earth for special issue on 'Understanding the unknowns: the impact of uncertainty in the geosciences'

Guest editor of Geoscience Frontiers for special issues on 'Lid Tectonics', 'Deep Magmatic Systems' and 'Metamorphism at Convergent Plate Margins'.

Guest editor of Precambrian Research for special issue on ‘Structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of Mesoproterozoic orogens’.

Guest editor of Geological Society of London Special Publication on ‘Continent Formation Through Time’.

Session co-convenor EGU 2018,

Session co-convenor GSA 2016,

Session co-convenor EGU 2015, 'Earth’s early crust: petrological and geochemical perspectives’.

Session co-convenor EGU 2013, ‘Structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of the margin of Baltica and Laurentia and other Mesoproterozoic orogens’.

Session co-convenor European Mineralogical Conference 2012, ‘Evolution of Continental Crust’.

2009 Sylvester Bradley Award for oral presentation at University of Leicester.

2006 Dennis Field Award: presented to the final year student who throughout the degree course has displayed qualities of scholarship, enthusiasm, determination and integrity.

2006 Rhoda Bennett Award: presented for best foreign field course report (Alps trip).

President (in 3rd Yr Undergrad.) and Meets Secretary (in 2nd Yr Undergrad.) for the University of Leicester Mountaineering Club.

Member of the Geochemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry